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Past Shows

24 Oct 2019 Apostrophe + Desgrasia Jubenil + Patata i Bleda Berlin, DE K19 K19
27 Mar 2019 Apostrophe + Alpha Strategy Berlin, DE Schokoladen Schokoladen
12 Dec 2018 Apostrophe + Contractions Berlin, DE Tiefgrund Tiefgrund
30 Nov 2018 Apostrophe + I Drew Blank + Yaramiso Berlin, DE Trickster Trickster
12 Nov 2018 Apostrophe + Crtvtr Berlin, DE Schokoladen Schokoladen
20 Jul 2018 Apostrophe + Beginnings Berlin, DE K19 K19
23 Jun 2018 Apostrophe + Adventure Team Berlin, DE Drugstore Drugstore
18 Nov 2017 Apostrophe + others Berlin, DE Zukunft am Ostkreuz Zukunft am Ostkreuz
06 Nov 2017 Apostrophe + Valerian Swing Berlin, DE Schokoladen Schokoladen
28 Oct 2017 Apostrophe + others Berlin, DE Potse/Drugstore Potse/Drugstore
26 Aug 2017 Apostrophe + Two Apes + Instant Voodoo Berlin, DE XB Liebig XB Liebig
27 May 2017 Apostrophe + The Acharis + Villages Berlin, DE Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
06 May 2017 Apostrophe + Schnick Schnack Berlin, DE TRCKSTR TRCKSTR
19 Mar 2017 Apostrophe + CRTVTR Berlin, DE XB Liebig XB Liebig
25 Nov 2016 Apostrophe + Worst Gift + Astolfo Sulla Luna Berlin, DE XB Liebig XB Liebig
20 Oct 2016 Apostrophe + Lingua Nada + Abrichten Berlin, DE FinaleSportsbar FinaleSportsbar
10 Sep 2016 Apostrophe + TBA Braunschweig, DE Tegtmeyer Tegtmeyer
09 Sep 2016 Apostrophe w/ Dead Kittens, Salò Berlin, DE Scherer 8 Scherer 8
18 Jun 2016 Apostrophe w/ Mincer Ray Berlin, DE Tr***ster Tr***ster
13 May 2016 Apostrophe w/ OnOnOn , Lamebrains Berlin, DE Cortina Bob Cortina Bob
26 Feb 2016 Apostrophe w/ Adventure Team Berlin, DE Tiefgrund Tiefgrund
05 Dec 2015 Apostrophe w/ Duesenjaeger Berlin, DE Schokoladen Schokoladen
04 Dec 2015 Apostrophe w/ Duesenjaeger Berlin, DE Kastanienkeller Kastanienkeller
04 Oct 2015 Apostrophe w/ Razor Cunts & M.i.p.V Pocket Berlin, DE XB Liebig XB Liebig
28 Feb 2015 Apostrophe Berlin, DE Ma Thilda Ma Thilda
06 Feb 2015 Apostrophe w/ kUNDEkOENIG Berlin, DE Schokoladen Schokoladen
09 Oct 2013 Apostrophe w/ Worthless Rascals Berlin, DE Schokoladen Schokoladen
01 Nov 2012 Apostrophe Berlin, DE Glühlampe Glühlampe
17 May 2012 Apostrophe w/ Nothington @ A Time To Stand Berlin, DE Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
01 Apr 2012 Apostrophe w/ Leatherface & Lobster Killed Me Paris, FR Les Combustibles Les Combustibles
30 Mar 2012 Apostrophe w/ Nothing More Amiens, FR Accueil Froid Accueil Froid
29 Mar 2012 Apostrophe Metz, FR Eurofoot Café Eurofoot Café
28 Mar 2012 Apostrophe w/ Nothing For Free Valenciennes, FR Liverpool Bar Liverpool Bar
27 Mar 2012 Apostrophe w/ No Nebraska! & Conger Conger Brussels, BE Micro Marché Micro Marché
25 Mar 2012 Apostrophe w/ No Nebraska! Dannenberg, DE Neu Tramm Neu Tramm
24 Mar 2012 Apostrophe w/ No Nebraska! Leipzig, DE Nullundundendlich Nullundundendlich
23 Mar 2012 Apostrophe w/ No Nebraska! Berlin, DE Tiefgrund Tiefgrund
23 Oct 2011 Apostrophe w/ Off With Their Heads Kiel, DE Räucherei Räucherei
05 Feb 2011 Apostrophe w/ The Static Age Berlin, DE Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
05 Jan 2011 Apostrophe w/ Night Birds Berlin, DE Bei Roy Bei Roy

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Apostrophe (s/t) 2011

“… it goes off with the boys from Berlin … including fine melodies, but also space for slow, distressing noise attacks to satisfaction.”
Ox Fanzine

InfinityTimesZero (2014)

“… Apostrophe does everything right on Infinity Times Zero and really shits on every trend. … Don’t be told that you need anything more.”

“Indie rock rooted in punk rock with rad melodies combined with real good crashbangin’ guitars are on the program.”
Ox Fanzine

“… [Apostrophe goes] back to the time when this genre was still meaningful and one dealt with real worries of existence … real emotions, deep riffs, loud guitars and drums that beat the rage out. Respect!”
Blueprint Fanzine

“… far from run-of-the-mill songwriting.”
Trashrock Mag

“Melodic, beautiful, virtuoso guitar rock that inconclusively builds the eternal dance between closeness and distance and offers enough open space for many different distinctive, fulfilling moments without being restrictive.”
Underdog Fanzine

“… [Apostrophe cuts] a totally excellent figure. Because this classic indie sound somehow won’t get old.”
RCN Magazine

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